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2010 Hoddles Creek Syberia Blanc de Blancs

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🌄 Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

🍇 Chardonnay

🌡️ 11.5%

Culinary Suggestions: Sushi, Fried Chicken, Calamari, Prawns

Vineyard Practice: Traditional

Bottle Size: 750ml



Hoddles Creek Estate stands as a testament to the legacy of the D'Anna family. Since its inception in 1997, this estate has married the rigorous demands of its terrain with the ancestral craft of viticulture. Here, the art of winemaking is a hallowed tradition, with every grape cluster handpicked from the vineyard's precipitous slopes.

The essence of Hoddles Creek Estate is its unwavering commitment to creating wines that are the sole expression of its terroir, nurtured in a specially constructed 300-tonne winery for the 2003 vintage. Yet, it's the estate's underground barrel sanctuary, veiled three metres beneath the earth, that truly captivates the imagination. A clandestine chamber where time and tradition meld to age their wines to perfection.

The vineyard, comprising 10 hectares of meticulously selected pinot noir clones alongside vast tracts of chardonnay and smaller parcels of sauvignon blanc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot gris, showcases a rich tapestry of varietals. Each plot and each vine contributes to the estate's complex narrative of winemaking excellence.

Hoddles Creek Estate, with its diverse array of varietals, from the robust pinot noir to the elegant chardonnay, and now Syberia leading the vanguard, crafts not just wine but narratives of land, tradition, and innovation. Syberia, with its prolonged lees contact and commitment to unmatched quality, stands not merely as an addition to their portfolio; it is a luminary of passion, an invitation to embark on a journey through the heart of Australian viticulture.


Tasting Notes

This Blanc de Blancs, having embraced nine years on lees ageing, emerges as a symphony of nuanced elegance. It presents a lively mélange of zesty citrus and delicate floral nuances, enveloped in the richness of brioche and a touch of creamy vanilla. Its aroma is complemented by gentle whispers of ripe pear and a hint of almond, weaving a sophisticated profile that tantalises the palate. This Blanc de Blancs stands as an illustrious example of finesse and depth, encapsulating a refined and layered tasting journey that celebrates the artistry of premium Australian sparklings with poise and a distinctive flair.