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2018 Abbaye de Lérins Cuvée Saint Sauveur Vieilles Vignes

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Region: IGP Méditerranée, Provence, France

Grape: Syrah

Culinary Suggestions: Nice Grass Fed Steak, Lamb, Beef Ribs

Vineyard Practice: Organic


Wines from the Abbaye de Lérins are made from just over 8 hectares of vines situated in the middle of the island of Saint Honorat. The soils comprise dolomites (marine rock rich in magnesium), limestone and clay. Roughly 35,000 bottles are produced annually from organically farmed vineyards.

The island of Saint Honorat lies between the Bay of Cannes and the Mediterranean. This island was first settled by the monastic community led by Saint Honorat of Arles and his companions in 405. To this day, the monks continue to follow a strict monastic code as part of the order of Saint Benedict – Ora et Labora, pray and work.

The island was not always such a hospitable place. When the Saint first arrived, the dense forest was filled with deadly snakes and spiders. Though, not long after completing the build of their fortified monastery, a massive tidal wave hit the island washing it clean of every vile creature and leaving behind the blessed lands we now see today, with the monks safe in their tower. 

Winegrowing on the island dates back to the middle ages (eleventh century) but in the 1990s, the Abbey decided to professionally revive the vineyard so others can enjoy these fine wines, refined through generations of skill, knowledge and care.

Tasting Notes

65yo vines, 6,500 bottles produced

Spicy, concentrated, slightly peppery with coffee, leather and dark berry notes.

Great depth of flavours, velvety tannins and a fresh finish. - Importer Note