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2020 Domaine Belargus Anjou 'Ronceray'

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Region: Anjou, Loire Valley, France

Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc

Vineyard Practice: Certified organic, practising biodynamic

Culinary Suggestions: Fatty Fish, Veal, Seafood Pasta

Alcohol: 12%

Bottle Size: 750 ml


A Chenin Blanc that perfectly captures Quarts-de-Chaume's richness. This wine gives a remarkable tasting experience with its subtle, persistent bitterness, rich floral and fruity notes, and strong minerality. Perfect for enjoying right away or storing in the cellar.



Domaine Belargus introduces revolutionary dynamism to the Loire Valley under the guidance of Ivan Massonnat, a wine enthusiast who also has interests in Philippe Pacalet in Burgundy. The acquisition of Jo Pithon's esteemed estate and additional key vineyards has expanded the domaine to encompass 24 hectares of the prime Anjou Noir terroir, including celebrated plots like "Coteau des Treilles," "Clos des Ruchères," and "Les Quarts." This newcomer has quickly garnered attention for producing wines of Grand Cru calibre.

The estate's commitment to organic and biodynamic methodologies, pioneered by Jo Pithon and Guy Bossard, has established it as a leader in the revitalisation of some of France's most valued vineyards. The Coteau des Treilles, a particularly steep 2.72-hectare plot in Rochefort with slopes ranging from 30% to 70%, was reinvigorated by Pithon in the late 1990s. Situated on magmatic rocks from the Armorican Massif, this monopole yields Chenin of exceptional quality, deeply reflective of its intricate geological structure.

The 'Ronceray' cuvée is named after the mediaeval Abbey of Ronceray in Angers, which is famed for being the origin of the appellation name 'Quarts-de-Chaume'. Historically, this abbey received a quarter of the finest wine produced, a tribute that eventually named the valley’s only grand cru. While traditionally associated with sweet wines, the 'Ronceray' is made as a dry wine, exhibiting the terroir's adaptability and ability to produce beautiful dry Chenin Blanc. This cuvée demonstrates the concept that the exclusive hills, previously cherished by Angevin nuns for their superb wine, can create decadence in both sweet and dry varieties.

Cork Tasting Notes

The 2020 'Ronceray' is a masterful display of complexity, crafted from a blend of plots located on the historic slopes of Quarts-de-Chaume. This wine intricately captures the essence of its diverse geological foundation, combining shales with pudding sandstones to deliver a pronounced minerality. This mineral core is seamlessly woven with a rich tapestry of floral and fruity notes, enhancing the wine’s multidimensional character.

On the palate, 'Ronceray' unfolds with an elegant floral richness complemented by a spectrum of fruit flavours, underscored by a distinctive fine bitterness that is a hallmark of this esteemed terroir. This bitterness adds depth and extends the finish, making each sip a lingering encounter with Anjou’s winemaking heritage.